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We initially started producing events for clients but rapidly realized that there was a mismatch between what creative agencies came up with and the end result. In other words, what looked like a great concept in theory, rarely turned out to work in its entirety, sometimes missing the point all together. So we decided to get involved in the creation of concepts using our previous experience. In early 2005 we began to get involved in social media. Even in the early days, we realized that this was an incredible opportunity to get the consumer/customer/user on-board - before, during and after the event, increasing the overall ROI of the project.

We are presently involved in the integration of the marketing of the physical experience and the virtual experience - what??? Well, basically, social media must be integrated tightly into your strategy and that takes work, money, patience (time) and commitment. We feel like we are in Hollywood and our portfolio will eventually speak more about who we are and what we do (good & bad), than any empty and unfounded marketing promise. Much like any actor, we don't look for the "A-movies", they come to us as a consequence of our courage to star in low budget "B-movies" that make a difference. Every "motion picture" we get involved in must have a clever plot, great script, excellent crew and cash usually destroys it all, unless everyone really knows what they are doing.
Just because we can build a social network, doesn't mean we should.